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1 review for 3 Pack Sport Spuds Potato Packs – OUT OF STOCK

  1. jerrypants@gmail.com

    Tried my first pack of this in the middle of an 8 mile run. The main things I was curious about were the actual texture and of course the flavor. I like potatoes as much as anyone else and am always open to experiment with endurance fuel. I’ve found the “real” foods tend to work better for me in the long haul in terms of actual fuel but then I always run the risk of dealing with stomach issues if I eat too much.

    The texture on the Spuds was good. Any concerns I had about it potentially being too “runny” or too firm were thrown out the window. No issues at all and I think it struck a nice balance.
    The flavor was good. Obviously the plain is pretty plain, but there’s always a little concern that a food could be a little funky when turned into an endurance fuel or come off as too salty. No issues at all for the remainder of the run.

    I know it said it on the website, but it slipped my mind until I had it happen to me. I was feeling hungry like my stomach was empty because of how long it had been since I had eaten lunch. After the Spuds, I did feel more sated. I burn a ton of calories, so I knew one pack wasn’t going to hold me over forever, but even just that one made a noticeable difference as compared to a gel. It doesn’t quite match real solid food but that of course comes with its own dangers and caveats.
    Looking forward to bringing some packs on some much longer runs and giving this a full test.

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